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For an Amazon affiliate website focused on dog products, including all breeds, you’ll want to target a wide range of keywords to attract relevant traffic. Here are some SEO keywords you can consider:

1. Dog supplies
2. Dog accessories
3. Dog products
4. Pet supplies
5. Dog toys
6. Dog grooming tools
7. Dog beds
8. Dog collars
9. Dog leashes
10. Dog food and treats
11. Dog crates and kennels
12. Dog training equipment
13. Dog health and wellness products
14. Dog apparel and costumes
15. Dog travel accessories
16. Dog care essentials
17. Dog hygiene products
18. Dog dental care
19. Dog feeding and watering supplies
20. Dog training aids
21. Dog outdoor gear
22. Dog safety products
23. Dog cleaning supplies
24. Dog technology and gadgets
25. Dog books and guides

These keywords cover a broad spectrum of dog-related products and can help drive traffic to your website, allowing you to earn commissions through Amazon affiliate links. Make sure to optimize your content around these keywords to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results.
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